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The Hutch in Canterbury – a review

We have been living in London for just over three months now and we’re loving it. It’s great to live somewhere you can get a coffee after 5pm, or go to see a band or comedy show, without having to book time off work to allow for travel, (what we used to have to do when we were in Thanet.) Just hop on a tube or bus to get to a venue, 30 minutes or so and you are there, easy. In London you are never far away from vegetarian /vegan restaurants, salad bars, falafel stands and Vx, the best best Vegan shop ever, (on caledonian road, Kings Cross,) and this is something I realised I’ve taken for granted as I was visiting friends down in Thanet a few weeks ago.

Vegan footwear

Probably one of the hardest parts of clothing yourself as a Vegan is finding suitable footwear. Quality shoes that look and feel great without containing any form of animal skin are hard to come by. For a long long time I have endorsed Converse Chuck Taylors as they are vegan, look good and until my latest pair, comfortable.