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Cruelty Free Cleaning

I’m always searching for cruelty free household cleaning products and new ideas. Supermarkets have aisles full of household cleaning products, but it’s not that easy to find cruelty free products. A lot of the popular cleaning brands available in supermarkets test their, ingredients / finished product on animals. Many use animal derived ingredients, others contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment and living organisms. But these products are effective, affordable and readily available… well that’s not good enough for me and I hope you feel the same too.

Asda and their opinion on vegan products

Around Christmas time I had a real craving for donuts. My wife (who runs this blog) makes the best donuts I’ve ever had, but they take time and sometimes you just want to grab something and tuck in. So, living right next to a large Asda, I went on a mission to find out what their donuts were made of.