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Asda and their opinion on vegan products

Around Christmas time I had a real craving for donuts. My wife (who runs this blog) makes the best donuts I’ve ever had, but they take time and sometimes you just want to grab something and tuck in. So, living right next to a large Asda, I went on a mission to find out what their donuts were made of.

The Hutch in Canterbury – a review

We have been living in London for just over three months now and we’re loving it. It’s great to live somewhere you can get a coffee after 5pm, or go to see a band or comedy show, without having to book time off work to allow for travel, (what we used to have to do when we were in Thanet.) Just hop on a tube or bus to get to a venue, 30 minutes or so and you are there, easy. In London you are never far away from vegetarian /vegan restaurants, salad bars, falafel stands and Vx, the best best Vegan shop ever, (on caledonian road, Kings Cross,) and this is something I realised I’ve taken for granted as I was visiting friends down in Thanet a few weeks ago.

Veggie pub grub in Newcastle

Bob Trollop's

I took the train to Newcastle a couple of weeks ago to visit my little sister and see Alan Carr live on his Spexy Beast tour. But as a Vegan I was a little worried about eating out in Newcastle, but we stumbled across a great pub, Bob Trollop’s.

It’s Christmas time

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Whilst most of the UK is sitting down to their big turkey dinner we’ll be having our home-made nut roast (I keep nagging Charlotte to post the recipe) with sweet potatoes, sprouts, parsnips, sage and onion, carrots and swede. The intention is to leave enough over for bubble and squeak tomorrow.



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