Being vegan just keeps getting better

I have made some great new vegan discoveries these past few weeks. I am a very excited vegan at the moment! Most discoveries have made their way into my kitchen and turned into naughty treats. If you follow me on twitter you will know what I am talking about. Read on if you want to hear about liquid chocolate, cruelty free marshmallows, and ‘to go’ lunches now available in supermarkets. Of course it’s all vegan – just like everything from Vx is vegan – it goes without saying!

I took a trip to my favourite shop in London earlier this month, Vx, on Caledonian Road, Kings Cross. Regular readers know how much I love this vegan naughty food paradise, because ‘junk’ just doesn’t do it justice. I picked up some Freedom Mallows – I’d been waiting so long to try these, they are lovely, mini marshmallows that taste just how I remember ‘flumps’ tasted, (although I was only a small child- my memories may not be completely accurate.) They are reasonably priced for vegan marshmallows, I hope they’ll do a bigger packet in the future. I ended up eating 4 or 5 in one go as they all stick together, but other than that they are great. Much better than my attempt at making them.

Whilst in Vx I got some Sweet Freedom Choc Shot liquid chocolate syrup. I am a big fan of sweet freedom, I have been sweetening things with the original syrup for some time now. The idea of a liquid chocolate syrup that you can turn into hot chocolate, bake with, make milkshakes, and top desserts with is crazy. It really is amazing stuff, I have used it in so many things, mocha milkshakes are really good with this syrup. And of course I made hot chocolate with it, then dropped some left over Freedom Mallows in it, I suppose you could call it ‘The Ultimate Freedom Hot Chocolate.’ I have also used it in place of golden syrup in my dark chocolate fridge cake, it just made perfect sense and really took my fridge cake up a notch!

Dark Chocolate Fridge Cake

photo (76)

Another new discovery I made in Vx was Plamil organic mint chocolate flakes. I didn’t really know what I‘d do with them to be honest, but I saw them and wanted them, a total impulse buy. But very handy to have in your ‘naughty’ cupboard for a bake day, as I later discovered that week when I decided to make Ms Cupcakes’ Nanaimo bars from her cookbook, ‘The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town’  (book also available to buy at Vx.) I melted the flakes down for the topping, and it was amazing. Like the most decadent vegan version of a Viscount biscuit you could ever have.

Nanaimo Bar


I wrote an article a while back on Vegan packed lunches. I mentioned in the post a few ‘to go’ lunches available to buy from shops and wrote of my frustration that there just aren’t more. Seeing as pretty much EVERYONE can eat a food item that is meat free, dairy free and egg free. Well, in the last few weeks I have discovered two ‘to go’ lunch options suitable for vegans in supermarkets:

Falafel and Houmous Wrap, from Tesco in meal deal fridge

Not bad for a ready made lunch item. Ideal for if you are out and about and got hungry or you forgot your packed lunch one day. It is part of the meal deal, but the Tesco crisps selection is pretty poor. I bought it alone, however it is much better value for money in the meal deal.

photo (59)

Taiko Suhi, Vegetable Sushi, found in Waitrose ‘Lunch to go’ fridge

Such an exciting find! I love veggie sushi, I usually have to actively search it out in Planet Organic. But coming across this in Waitrose last week made my day! It was really tasty, vegetable filled rice rolls, with picked ginger, wasabi and soy sauce and even had beancurd wrapped rice, which I think is called Inari?


If you are lucky enough to be in London the best place with a large choice of ‘to go’ vegan lunches (as well as snacks, drinks, crisps, sweet treats, frozen ready meals, SSOV clothing/merchandise, vegan books, shoes, the list goes on,) has to be Vx, 73 Caledonian Road, London. N1 9BT. They are open 7 days a week Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6.30pm and on Mondays 11am-7.30pm. It’s all Vegan – (mostly naughty,) and 100% cruelty free 🙂

Being vegan wasn’t always this good! I remember when people thought vegans were crazy hippies, that didn’t wash, smelt like hemp, wore Hessian sacks and ate only carrots and lentils… Oh how we have come along, being vegan just keeps getting better and better!

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  1. brucewilliam says:

    Being vegan simply just continues improving. I have made some great brand new vegan developments most of these earlier month or so.