Vegan Packed Lunches

It can be ever so frustrating as a Vegan to find a quick lunch. It is not as simple as just popping to Tesco or Boots and picking up a salad, sandwich or wrap. So I want to share with you the art of Vegan Packed Lunches!

Turn leftovers into lunch:

  • Keep a portion of your dinner aside for lunch the next day. E.g;  Cottage pie/lasagne/pasta bake/chilli/spaghetti bolognese/bangers mash and veggies/nut roast and veggies. Store in an old ice cream tub/ lunch box in the fridge and then reheat for 3-5minutes in a microwave.
  • Baked Potatoes – Can be eaten with leftover chilli/ bolognese etc. I like to bake my potatoes in the oven at home the night before, then scoop out the insides mash with salt, pepper, yeast flakes and vitalite spread then pop back in the skins. I top them with my left over of choice in my lunch box, store in fridge overnight and microwave for 5 minutes before enjoying at lunch time.
  • Make soup – Saute onions in Rapeseed oil, then pour over your favourite veggie stock sprinkle in some red lentils, add leftover vegetables roasted/steamed and cook on medium hob 20 minutes, add spices/ season to taste, blend/or don’t it’s up to you. Leave to cool then pour into empty containers and store in fridge and reheat for 3-5 minutes in a microwave or re heat on a hob. You can even freeze the soup if you make that much!
  • Make a sandwich – My favourite leftover sandwich has to be: Home made Nut roast, stuffing and pickles, which is quite literally two slices of bread, (I usually go for a linseed variety of bread) ‘buttered’ with dairy free spread, sliced nut roast and stuffing topped with pickle, or sometimes chilli jam! Another great leftover sandwich is Redwood sausage and mustard. Or for the perfect weekend lunch Redwoods Meatball sub with Vegan mayo, brown sauce, sweetcorn and peppers – this is amazing toasted.

Toasted meatball sub with Vegan mayo, brown sauce, sweetcorn and peppers

photo (30)

Other Lunch ideas:

  • Toasted bagels/crumpets/bread with your favourite toppings: dairy free spread, houmous, avacado, marmite, peanut butter, jam etc
  • Salads, I’m always finding new ideas for salads, there are great recipes on Alicia Silverstones website The Kind Life
  • Sandwiches and wraps, The Vegan Society has a long list of Sandwich filling ideas
  • Paninis, my favourite panini filling is Basil tofu slices, Vegan mayo and pesto, rocket and sundried tomatoes
  • Fresh fruit/dried fruit/nuts and seeds and raw fruit and nut bars, my favourite are Nakd, available to buy online, at Holland and Barrett and Waitrose
  • Soya yogurts, Alpro have many varieties available in most supermarkets now

Basil tofu, mayo, pesto, rocket and sundried tomato Panini


On the ready made front:

If you are lucky enough to have Ms Cupcake on your doorstep, (The first 100% Vegan bakery in London, and the best – my opinion, but many share it with me,) go there for Vegan sandwiches, that’s an order! Vegan alternatives of the traditional fillings e.g:  Egg salad, Coronation chicken, BLT, Cheese and salad, Ham and pickle, and other varieties too but my memory fails me. The coronation chicken is so sweet and satisfying, a proper lunch sandwich – keeps you feeling full until dinner. They are well filled sandwiches, fresh and everything you’d expect from the super Ms Cupcake team. I only wish they were more readily available. Ms Cupcake of course sells cupcakes and other sweet treats for afters and Barrow Boys Vegan Society approved Cheese and onion crisps – which are fantastic 🙂

Pret a Manger have two Vegan lunches – The naked avacado Bloomer and Superfood salad. Both are good, but you can’t always get them as they only make limited amounts.

My version of the Superfood salad: home made houmous, cucumber, green lentils and omega rich seeds dressed with sweet chilli sauce, with spinach and rocket

photo (18)

Marks and Spencer – In their Count on us range have a ‘No mayo’ Roasted butternut squash with red pepper houmous low fat flour chilli tortilla wrap. This is a little spicy for me, I like it but I wouldn’t have it all the time. Plus it’s not always available.

I’d love to see more Vegan lunches pop up in supermarkets etc, the very fact that they sell out so quick proves that they need to stock more – because it’s not just Vegans who will eat these lunches!



  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve bookmarked this page! I was moaning to my partner about not being able to run into boots for a meal deal anymore. I’ve been vegan for a few months.

    Hey, we should write to all the places that sell quick lunches and ask them to add more vegan options, give them ideas to work from and say how good it would be for non-vegans too.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Welcome to the world of veganism! I have contacted some food outlets, with some ideas. Watch this space.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Angie says:

    Great blog! I’ve been a vegan for about 3 months now and need great ideas for lunches such as yours. Thanks! Where do you buy the basil tofu?

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Angie,
      Thanks for your comment. I buy the basil tofu from waitrose, planet organic and I’ve also seen it in my local health food shop. There are quite a few varieties of this tofu, there’s an olive one that’s great in pasta salads and ciabatta rolls, I’ve never seen this one at waitrose though.
      Hope that helps.

  3. Colin says:

    Might have to try that Basil Tofu Panini!