Ice, Ice baby… Sweetbird Iced Tea’s baby!

My love affair with Sweetbird syrups started a long time ago. It began with Amaretto flavoured syrup, in coffee, cakes, on Ice cream, I used this syrup in everything!  The Sweetbird syrup range is growing and I’m writing to let you know about their NEW Iced Tea Flavoured Syrups.

The two new Sweetbird Iced Tea flavoured syrups are Jasmine Lime and Passionfruit Lemon. These wonderful new flavours join the original flavours; Natural, Peach and Raspberry Iced Tea.

Sweetbird-Iced -Tea-line-up

Sweetbird Iced Tea syrups are free from high fructose corn syrup, (processed corn syrup,) they have been approved by the Vegetarian Society and also by Viva! for Vegans. They don’t contain any artificial colours or preservatives either which is good news and they are free from GMO’s, don’t you know!

The recommended serving size for a Sweetbird Iced Tea is 30ml of syrup for one drink , this is 4 pumps if you’re using a Sweetbird pump. When I make my Iced Teas I put 4 ice cubes in the glass, then add my choice of Sweetbird Iced Tea syrup and pour 200ml chilled filtered water over the ice and syrup then mix with my straw before sipping it up. I often double the entire drink and sometimes pop a few extra ice cubes, to make my drink last that little bit longer! Out of the two new flavours, I’d have to say the Jasmine Lime is my favourite, I really like jasmine tea, it is so refreshing and iced, even more so. The lime gives it that extra hit. This is now my go-to Summer drink of choice.

The Passionfruit Lemon flavour is fruity and thirst quenching. It also makes a great ice blended drink:  Add to a blender pitcher 14 ice cubes, 60ml Sweetbird Passionfruit Lemon Iced Tea syrup and 180ml water, blend for 20-25seconds, (depending on the speed of your blender.) And enjoy a long lasting Sweetbird moment. Now we’re talking Ice-blended beverages, Sweetbird also have a range of ready-to-blend smoothes, so you can create Ice blended smoothies. You might find these being sold in your local independent coffee shop.

Sweetbird Smoothies line up

Sweetbird syrups are available to buy online through; Cream Supplies In the past I have purchased them through Garraways  who have always given me great service. I’ve also seen Sweetbird syrups in my favourite shop in London Vx , I haven’t seen the Iced Tea flavours yet, but I’m sure they’d get them in if asked, because they’re good like that.

Now here’s some even more exciting news, beyond the bean tell me that Zuma are working on a Vegan Frappe powder which should available by Summer 2013, Oh yes! I cannot wait to get my hands on it and I’ll let you know as soon as I do. But until then why not try this Autumnal twist on Iced Tea (as we are heading into Autumn, would you believe?)  Sweetbird Chai flavoured syrup makes an awesome spicy Iced Tea. It’s a crazy sensory experience:  the warmth from the cinnamon and cloves alongside the icy cool drink. I recommend using 30ml Sweetbird Chai flavoured syrup over 4 ice cubes, pour over chilled filtered water, stir then serve through a straw. You must try this if you’re a fan of Chai tea!

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