Don’t Knock It ’til You’ve Tried It

I was lucky to receive this lovely Lush gift box a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t tried most of the products within it before, (because I’m a creature of habit,) I stick to what I know and love. The gifts title couldn’t be more fitting – Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, I have now discovered some true Lush gems that I wouldn’t have even considered before and now I’m keen to try anything from Lush!

Contents of gift set

It’s a super gift set, the tin once served its storage purpose, is a groovey lunch box, it’s shiny with a cool clasp and handle and has a funky design too. I wouldn’t suggest keeping it in your bathroom though, as the tin might get rusty from water splashes!

I had only used two of the items within the gift set before, The Comforter Bubble bar (pink and white swirly bar) and  You’ve Been Mangoed – Mango bath melt, (orange rectangular bar) and these already are two of my favourite products. The comforter, is a sweet, fruity smelling bath product that you crumble under running bath water to create pink bath water and luscious frothy white bubbles, you can get at least three bubble baths from the comforter contained in this gift set. You’ve been mangoed – Mango bath melt is of course mango scented, its purpose is to leave your skin super soft and smelling fruity. I drop it in just as I get into the bath and I rescue it once its half melted and let it dry, saving it for one more bath. You could of course just let it all melt in one bath, It’s absolutely gorgeous. The other items in this gift set I’d heard of, but never tried… I had been missing out!

Blackberry Bath Bomb, (purple ball) –  I never thought I was a bath bomb fan, but now I’m trying them all after experiencing Blackberry Bath Bomb. It is designed to blast away your worries according to Lush and they are right! I dropped this bomb into my bath one evening after a pretty emotional day at work and …Wow, it really did lift me up and ground me too, (which I didn’t think was possible!)

Sparkle Toothy Tabs – Finding Vegan toothpaste was always a pain, I used to have to search for it in health food shops, until I discovered the Superdrug range and when it comes to toothpaste I stick to what I know works and I can get hold of, so I’ve never thought of trying Lush Toothy tabs. Well, I have now tried them, I love them! The packaging is minimal, (wonderful Lush) you pop one tab in your mouth, give it a chew then brush away as you would normally. The taste initially I found unusual, but I really like it now, its peppery and my teeth feel super clean after using Sparkle – Really don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, Toothy Tabs are really good.

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair) Massage Bar, (oval pale bar) – I was a big fan of a massage bar that is no longer available called Heavanilli: Vanilla fragranced cocoa butter massage bar. It really was heaven, but it’s no longer so I guess it’s time to move on. Each Peach is a perfect transitional massage bar for me! I’d never tried it because I couldn’t tear myself a away from vanilla scented Heavanilli. But I’m warming to the fruitier Lush products thanks to this gift set. It isn’t an over powering scent and takes a while sink into the skin making it great for massaging. Also great to rub onto your legs after shaving for silky soft legs. I have a Lush massage bar tin to keep my bar in after use, but you could wrap it in parchment paper and keep it in your sock drawer, that way your socks will smell fruity 🙂

Miranda Soap, (triangular wedge) – I’m not a fan of soaps, they are squishy and messy and usually dry my skin out 🙁 The lovely people at Lush have been telling me for years to give their soap a go, telling me it’s not the same as other soaps – but I never listened! Well I should have, Miranda soap is wonderful. It’s a refreshing, fruity, happy fragrance, great to use in the bath or shower and it doesn’t dry your skin out. It’s made with coconut oil which I guess is why its so kind to your skin. (I’d already used my Blackberry Bath Bomb when I tried out this soap, but I think they’d compliment each other perfectly.)

Karma Komba Solid Shampoo Bar, (Green bar) – I’ve wanted to try the Lush solid shampoo bars for some time. My problem was I coudn’t choose which one! Problem solved with this gift. Don’t let the smell of the solid shampoo bars put you off, remember it’s a concentarted bar, literally a few strokes of the bar on your wet hair is all you need. I wash my hair a lot and I have long hair and it looks almost untouched still – fantastic value for money and no packaging!! I let my bar dry out before popping it away in a plastic pot, (one I’d rescued from my recycling bag- re-use/ recycle it’s all good.) Lush also sell tins to keep their solid shampoo bars in, so they can stay out of trouble when not in use!

Seroiusly, as it says on the tin, Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!


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