I’m coming round to Morrisons

I’ve never really liked Morrisons the supermarket.The check out queues always seem to back up into the aisles, the shop in general seems higgledy piggledy. And it’s all just a bit too stressful for me. However after a recent shopping trip I have found a reason to love Morrisons, (like so many of you do :-P)  I discovered in their ‘free from’ aisle a box of luxury Vegan chocolates called- Caramel Choices.

Caramel Choices are the nicest Vegan caramel chocolates I’ve ever had. The caramel is lovely, rich and smooth and the chocolate is creamy and sweet. They are individually wrapped in gold foil and come in a neat cardboard packet. More of a luxury Vegan chocolate product than your everyday, very necessary Vegan chocolate, (you know the one of your five a day kind!).

Caramel Choices and Choc 'n' Crispie bar

They are made by Celtic Chocolates, who also produce Choices Chocolate and Choc ‘n’ Crispie bars, which you may have seen around before in Holland and Barrett and Waitrose. I’ve not seen Caramel Choices anywhere else other than Morrisons. So well done Morrisons for stocking these delicious Vegan treats and you may find me shopping with you more in the future.

If you spot Caramel Choices anywhere else let me know. If you haven’t tried them yet, pick up a packet from your local Morrisons, that’s if you can navigate around the higgledy piggledy-ness of the supermarket and find the ‘free from’ aisle!

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