New Mini Moos

I’m so excited to let you all know that Moo Free have launched a new range of scrummy rice milk chocolate bars, Mini Moos. Bite size packs, with three individually wrapped bars, great for carrying around, for when Vegan chocolate cravings get too much! They come in three varieties, Hammy’s Original, (the Moo Free we know and love,) Scrummy Hunny-comb, (readers of my blog will know that I just cannot resist Honeycomb,) and Juicy Sultana, (for the fruit fans out there.) They areĀ availableĀ online and also on the UK high street.

hunny-comb mini moos

I was lucky to receive a free sample of Scrummy Hunny-comb, I shared them with my husband, absolutely delicious. Beautiful rice milk chocolate with honeycomb shards sprinkled on top, very sweet and satisfying. Packaged in a cute, (recyclable,) cardboard box that opened out to reveal golden delight. I loved that they were bite size bars and wrapped individually. We did however eat them all at once, but it would be quite possible to ration the three bars out and slip them into lunch boxes. I cannot wait to try the Juicy Sultana variety, it’s been a long while since I had a fruit chocolate. Oooh I have an idea Moo Free, how about fruit and nut variety Mini Moos for next time?

Pretty packaging

mini moo packaging

Here’s where you can currently get hold of Mini Moos. I’ve seen them in Vx so far, they’ve not popped up in my Waitrose yet, let me know when and where you see them. Wouldn’t it be great if they made it into our corner shops and supermarkets so we can treat ourselves to chocolate just as non Vegans can so easily!

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