Vegan Crunchie bar experiment – Part two

This is part two of my experiment to create a Vegan alternative to the classic Crunchie bar. In my previous blog entry I told you how I accidentally made a very chewy caramel to start with then I returned it to the pan and added far too much bicarbonate of soda, although my result wasn’t miles away from honeycomb, it wasn’t quite right and I wanted to re-create a bar, not shards. So this is how part two of the experiment goes…

Vegan Crunchie bar

The mistakes I made initially were: not heating the mixture to a high enough temperature, then over cooking the mixture and adding too much bicarbonate of soda. Also I followed a recipe that said to break the Honeycomb up into shards. So I researched into how the manufacturers of Cadbury Crunchie produce Honeycomb in bars – I discovered that the Honeycomb is made into large slabs, (so that is similar to how I poured my finished mix into my swiss roll pan.) then it is cut up using a highly focussed jet of oil, because a blade would lead to fragmentation, (which is what I want to avoid.) and the use of water would dissolve the Honeycomb.Very interesting, however I don’t have an oil jet machine, so I had to use my imagination! So I went to Lakeland, (any excuse! I love that shop.) I had a light bulb moment whilst looking at mini loaf pans, I thought to myself If I lined these small loaf pans with greaseproof paper then poured the Honeycomb mix into individual mini pans, I wouldn’t need to cut the Honeycomb. So I purchased a set of My Kitchen Mini Loaf Pans.

Mini Loaf Pan:

I followed the exact same honeycomb recipe as before, only this time I was less cautious. I heated it on a medium hob, and only gently swirled the mix twice, I waited until it turned a golden brown colour, and made sure the sugar had completely dissolved, I added the exact amount of bicarbonate of soda as the recipe stated and whisked it in, it bubbled up good and proper. I then poured it into my individual mini loaf pans then left them to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours, see picture below:

Honeycomb in loaf pan

After a few hours I took the Honeycomb out of the fridge and removed it from the mini loaf pan, peeled the greaseproof paper away, not a perfect bar shape, but pretty good for a home-made effort. i then melted my favourite chocolate in a glass bowl over bowling water in a pan, Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Rice milk chocolate. I then coated the top and sides of the bar of Honeycomb, left to cool for a while in the fridge again before coated the bottom of the bar.

Vegan Crunchie bar

I am very pleased with my result this time, tastes just the way I remember a Crunchie to taste. If anybody has any other ideas how to create the traditional bar shaped chocolate coated Honeycomb, please feel free to leave a comment.

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