Home-made Easter chocolates

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday. For most this means eating lots of chocolates, for some it’s a special religious event but for me its all about bouncing bunnies, baby chicks and lambs – new life, deserving freedom and respect, not confinement and ending up on a dinner table. This is why I’m Vegan, I love and respect animals, they have rights just as we do. On Sunday the closest thing to baby animals on our table will be home-made Vegan chocolates using Lakeland silicone chocolate mould.

Spring lamb

Making your own Vegan Easter chocolates is easy, you can use your favourite Vegan chocolate, or a mix whatever takes your fancy. I really love Moo Free chocolates, they are rice milk alternatives to the dairy kinds, so if your not too into rich dark chocolate Moo Free is for you. However if you prefer a rich dark chocolate Plamil have a fantastic range, better still they have an  organic selection and they sell catering chocolate drops.

To make your own Easter shaped chocolates using the Lakeland silicone chocolate mould, melt your prefered chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of bowling water, stir frequently, and ensure the water doses not touch the bottom of the bowl. Once melted pour into the  mould and leave to set! Then you can package them as you desire, Lakeland have a seletion of different materials too. Click here for an example of packaging

Moo Free and Plamil chocolates are available in health / whole food shops, take a look in your local shop – please shop locally if you can, help keep your independent health food shops in business, if they do not stock these products ask them, they’ll be happy to help. They are also available on Vegan Store on-line.

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