Coconut Milk Cake

As I said in my previous blog entry I love to experiment in the kitchen and this is a perfect example – A work colleague brought in to work some slices of Coconut Milk Cake one dreary Monday morning a few weeks ago and everyone loved it, I just had to have a go at Vegan-ising it. When it comes to cakes I don’t like being left out, especially Coconut flavoured cakes! This is how I did it…


(for the cake)

  • 170 g sunflower spread (I used Pure)
  • 300 g golden caster sugar
  • 200 ml plain soya yoghurt (I used Alpro)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 250 g self raising flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 50 g desiccated coconut
  • 200 ml coconut milk

(for the syrup)

  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • 40 g soft light brown sugar

To make the Cake:

1. Preheat the oven to 170 C , line the base of a 9 inch loose base cake tin with baking parchment and liberally grease its sides.

2. In a large bowl beat with a wooden spoon the spread and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Add the yoghurt and vanilla extract, mix well.

3. In a separate bowl sift in the flour, salt and baking powder, then add the desiccated coconut and mix together with a fork.

4. Pour a third of the flour mix and a third of the coconut milk into the wet mixture, beat well. Add another third of the flour and coconut milk, mix well. Then add the final thirds. Doing it in stages like this prevents lumps. Pour into the tin and bake for One hour.

5. Once cake is cooked, allow it to rest in its tin on a wire cooling rack for 5 minutes. After this time, prick the surface of the cake many times with a fork.

(To make the Syrup:)

6. Gently heat the coconut milk and sugar together in a saucepan, until sugar has completely dissolved.

7. Pour half the syrup over the cake, (whilst still in the tin)  let the syrup trickle through the fork holes into the body of the cake, rotate the pan to help it to spread evenly, (in hale the gorgeous smell and resist temptation to touch the cake for two hours!) Leave on wire cooling rack for two hours. Insert a skewer multiple times all over the cake, (making larger holes for the syrup too enter the body of the cake)  Then pour the rest of the syrup over, allowing it to trickle into the new holes made with the skewer.

8. Leave the cake for at least 8 hours to absorb the syrup before releasing from its tin, (I made mine in the evening, left it over night to soak up the syrup, released it from its tin in the morning before heading off to work then tucked in when I got home, so it almost had 24 hours absorbing time and it tasted fantastic.)

Coconut Milk Cake

It’s a very moist cake, so take care when releasing it from its tin. I took some slices into work the next day to share with my non Vegan colleagues, who had the original cake and they were impressed and feed back was positive, same texture, taste and depth. I had successfully vegan-ised the original recipe by substituting 4 eggs with 200 ml plain soya yoghurt and 170g butter with sunflower spread. Have a go yourself, just because you’re Vegan doesn’t mean you have to be left out when it comes to eating Cakes!!

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