Best Vegan Baking Book

Being Vegan is so easy these days with such fantastic books. I absolutely love Kris Holecheks’ 100 best vegan baking recipes. When I was Vegan as a teenager I had only two Vegan cookbooks, they were useful books but not inspiring like 100 best vegan baking recipes.

100 best vegan baking recipes

I love baking and experimenting in the kitchen and this book is so fantastic not only does it have recipes for treats that you’ve so missed, (such as muffins, layered cakes, pies and chocolate ganache,) it’s also very informative, explaining the purpose of ingredients and how to replace eggs in recipes. In fact after reading the introduction to Vegan baking section I started to wonder how eggs ever became involved in baking, who came up with such a cazy idea?

Vegan cheesecake

I think every Vegan should own this book. Baking is so much fun and all the better when its cruelty free. The recipes are easy to follow, ingredients are widely available and it is written in a very inspiring way.  I baked chocolate  brownies in the week, I took them round my friends house to have as a dessert and they went down a treat. Now even my non-vegan friends are considering baking without eggs – a result I think 🙂

Vegan brownies

The pumpkin cheesecake recipe in this book is so awesome. I want to bake it every day, I’ve tried to recreate cheesecake so many times and never got it quite right, my faith was restored with the recipe in this book and it has got my creative juices flowing. Soon I’ll be creating my own cheesecake recipe. And you’ll feel the same too when you start using this book.

You really should check this book out. It really is the Best Vegan Baking Book.

I’ve included  pictures of  some of the recipes I’ve recently tried, ‘Oh Joe’s Brownies’ and ‘Pumpkin-Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake’.

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