The Hutch in Canterbury – a review

We have been living in London for just over three months now and we’re loving it. It’s great to live somewhere you can get a coffee after 5pm, or go to see a band or comedy show, without having to book time off work to allow for travel, which is what we used to have to do when we were in Thanet.  Just hop on a tube or bus to get to a venue, 30 minutes or so and you are there, easy.

In London you are never far away from vegetarian/vegan restaurants, salad bars, falafel stands and Vx, the best best Vegan shop ever, (on Caledonian road, Kings Cross)  and this is something I realised I’ve taken for granted as I was visiting friends down in Thanet a few weeks ago.

I’d made tasty gingerbread for the journey and to share with a friend over coffee. This gingerbread did not make it to my friends house as I was unable to find a Vegan lunch or even a snack in the town. I did a Nigella and ate it all myself!

Throughout the day I met with some other friends who supplied me with fruits, (as they know these are safe for me to eat! ) and then luckily evening came and my best friend had booked us a table at a fairly new Vegetarian restaurant in Canterbury, just outside of  Thanet. Canterbury is lovely, a mini London if you like, but villagey too. I was looking forward to a proper meal.

The restaurant was called The Hutch, which automatically gave me the impression of rabbit food, alfalfa and carrot sticks! Not what i was in the mood for. I needed a real meal.

To my surprise a real meal was what I received. The menu was super, all vegetarian, and a lot of ingredients locally sourced, which i like. The staff were very friendly and all Vegan items were clearly marked on the menu. I had a lovely Carrot and coriander soup for starters with home-made bread, freshly baked, so tasty.

Then for the main course I was spoilt for choice! It was between the tagine, the saffron vegetable paella and the marinated Kentish Vegetables on a puff pasty base, the latter was the winner and was superb, I couldn’t even finish it, although I was consciously leaving some room for a dessert.

Not only did it taste fantastic, it was beautifully presented, the table behind us were just ordering their meals as ours arrived at our table and they went for the same too! I decided to try something a little different for dessert, Roasted pineapple carpaccio with raspberry sorbet, a great combination of flavours, I would usually go for a warm dessert in the winter, the warm vegan dessert was rice pudding with vanilla roasted peaches and chocolate ice cream, I’ll try this next time I go back to visit my friend.

I found the service brilliant, food amazing, and great value, I highly recommend it. I forgot to take photos, but the website has pictures of some of the dishes on it and they are a perfect representation of the quality of the food

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