Veggie pub grub in Newcastle

I took the train to Newcastle a couple of weeks ago to visit my little sister and see Alan Carr live on his Spexy Beast tour. But as a Vegan I was a little worried about eating out in Newcastle, but we stumbled across a great pub, Bob Trollop’s.

They served Vegetarian pub food, hot pots, burgers and bangers and mash etc and clearly marked on the menu were the items suitable for Vegans too. I really enjoyed my meal. I had a lovely soup to start and a really tasty hot pot for mains, with leeks, parsnips, swede and beautiful potato wedges on the side.

It was the cheapest meal I’ve bought in a long time and I’d highly recommend Bob Trollop’s to any vegetarian/vegan or happy to go without meat person if you are ever in Newcastle.

There’s many great places for Vegans in London but there’s still room for an establishment like Bob Trollop’s.

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