The ultimate Vegan Mars bar experience

Thanks to stocking go max go foods, ‘Twilight bars’ (vegan alternative to a Mars bar) and for a lovely bubble bar called ‘Ma bar’ it is possible to have the ultimate vegan mars bar experience.

Here’s how:

Lush Ma Bar

Run a hot bath and crumble half of a lush Ma bar into the running water, enjoy the aroma of caramel and chocolate as it dissolves, watch beautiful bubbles appear, give the water a swish around and it will turn a  brown colour. Once bath is full jump in and relax for as long as you like, your skin will feel soft and smell gorgeous after a long soak.

After the bath, once your taste buds are going crazy for an edible chocolate delight. Unwrap and indulge on a Twilight bar, a lovely rice milk chocolate coated caramel and chocolate nougat bar. One of the best vegan chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted. A real alternative to the classic Mars bar. I sometimes chill my Twilight bar in the fridge before treating myself, that way it takes me longer to finish it, making the moment last longer. It’s sensory overload!

Warning: the Ma bar is for bathing with only, it may smell good enough to eat, but I wouldn’t recommend it, and the Twilight bar, would make for a messy bathing experience!

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  1. Steph says:

    Did you know that Lush are now ‘discontinuing’ this product?? Let me know how much you like it, and I may bulk buy you some. They are getting rid of LOADS or products though 🙁 check out the site xxx