A healthy vegan sandwich recipe

Just over a week ago we went to London for the day. Whilst walking along Oxford Street we started to feel quite hungry and wasn’t sure where we could get something decent to eat. We happened upon a Lebanese food stall that was serving a Falafel and Houmous sandwich so we gave it a go. We have since recreated this at home. Here’s how:



1) Warm the falafels and the pitas for a few minutes.

2) Once the pitas have opened slightly slice them so they can be stuffed.

3) Cut the falafels in half and stuff them inside the pitas. For a regular sized pita bread two falafels should be fine.

4) Toast each side of the pita with the falafels inside until crispy.

5) Stuff your pita with the olives and lettuce and dress with the tabouleh, houmous and tahini.

That’s all there is to it. You then have a nice, healthy vegan sandwich which will keep you going all through the afternoon. It also goes very nicely with freshly pressed apple juice.

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