Being Vegan is easier than you think

Mixed nuts

When I first made the decision to become a vegan I really thought I would struggle more than I have done. Of course I realised that to a certain extent I would at least be eating healthier, cutting out everyday chocolate bars etc. but I thought I would miss a lot of food more than I do.

I used to eat a lot of meals with cheese, for example Mexican food. I loved my enchiladas topped with Monterey Jack or my tortillas dripping in mozzarella. These days the thought of that actually makes me feel slightly ill as I can visualise the implications of partaking in such an indulgence.

So how did I make that transition from being apprehensive about the whole thing to actually being very happy? It’s simple. When you take your first steps into veganism you soon realise how much of the food you eat is actually already vegan or can be made vegan. You also try a few new things which is always exciting.

Once you get past this point you’re already comfortably living as a vegan. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time you will get cravings for something that you previously enjoyed, but the way I’ve found to get past this is to simply remember why you became a vegan in the first place. Once you have that thought in your mind you’ll soon think twice about falling off the wagon.

Another great benefit is you can take these principles into any part of your life. When you are trying to do something new such as exercising, dieting, learning etc. focus on the new and the experimenting you’ll be doing. Before long you’ll be totally immersed in whatever it is you are doing and the hard part is over.

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