Mega-dairy disgrace

Last night I sat down to aimlessly watch some television before I drifted off to sleep and a BBC Panorama special on the price of cheap foods in supermarkets came on. This program partly focused on mega-dairy factory farming. Of course as a vegan I knew of factory farming but this really turned my stomach.

Mega Dairy

An example of rotation milking (photography taken from Compassion In World Farming)

What shocked me the most was a scene inside a massive warehouse with a circle of cows all around the inside of it, constantly rotating and constantly milking. Their diet is controlled to the gram. They don’t get to see the outside, graze or do anything that resembles their natural behaviour.

One person on the program remarked how he was surprised at how happy the cows looked? Happy? Seriously? Could he not see what I could see?

For a start those cows would no doubt feel dizzy, potentially sick, disorientated and the look in their eyes was one of madness (having been driven mad), certainly not one of contentment.

I’ve never been more sure that being vegan is the right thing to do. Sure, there is some tasty food out there that I’m missing out on but come on, does that justify treating any living creature in this way? I don’t think so.

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