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It’s Christmas time

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Whilst most of the UK is sitting down to their big turkey dinner we’ll be having our home-made nut roast (I keep nagging Charlotte to post the recipe) with sweet potatoes, sprouts, parsnips, sage and onion, carrots and swede. The intention is to leave enough over for bubble and squeak tomorrow.

Mega-dairy disgrace

Last night I sat down to aimlessly watch some television before I drifted off to sleep and a BBC Panorama special on the price of cheap foods in supermarkets came on. This program partly focused on mega-dairy factory farming. Of course as a vegan I knew of factory farming but this really turned my stomach.

A new veggie blog is coming

Here at the Veggie Blog we’d like to apologise for the site laying dormant the past couple of months. Unfortunately we lost focus of what we were trying to achieve here and hence the site was neglected. All that is going to change in 2011.